Start Dating girl lot guy friends

Dating girl lot guy friends

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If you like to get alone time, this is the girl for you. Better change that reservation from two people to five. You're going to go to a lot of weddings where she's a bridesmaid and you have to entertain yourself. No, this is work Sally's birthday, not high school Sally. Otherwise it's going to be a ton of small talk while they giggle in the corner.

So, if you are the type of guy who sees any other man (even her guy friends) as your competition, then it will actually turn her off you and will even push her towards perceiving these other guys as being more attractive to her than they really are. As I mentioned earlier, unless there’s a very good reason why a guy doesn’t trust his girlfriend around other guys (because she cheated on him), constantly being distrustful of her only highlights his lack of confidence in himself as a man who can give his woman what she needs to stay faithful to him. However, to have a healthy and successful relationship with a woman, you HAVE to give her that trust.

She will begin to wonder if you’re really the alpha male she thought you were and she will begin looking at other guys as being better than you. That doesn’t mean you are guaranteed that she won’t betray that trust and that you won’t end up feeling hurt and disappointed, but if you don’t give her your trust fully, you’ll end up falling into the trap of behaving like a weak, clingy insecure guy who lacks confidence.

A common example of this is a guy who says, and who not only stops making goals for himself, but even stops hanging out with his friends or doing anything without her.

Yes, a woman wants to be with a man who loves and adores her, but she also wants to know that he has a plan for his life and his future (and hopefully her future with him). Guys who spend all their time worrying about every guy who talks to, or even looks at, their girlfriend because they’re afraid they will steal her away, only do so because they don’t believe they are as valuable to her as she is to them.

All of which will end up destroying her attraction, love and respect for you as a man.

And in the end – she WILL break your trust and dump you for the kind of man who doesn’t feel threatened by other guys because he knows he’s good enough for her.

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