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Creepiest dating sites

This website contains some kind of confused long text elaborating on how a single day is made up of 4 days and that children should kill adults who don't believe this basic truth. This website shows you just how little our lives really mean in the bigger scheme.

After 15 minutes of walking I get to Nando's and she's not there.

" and the land-based matinee just starts yelling (in my face) "he ignored me Carl CARL! I took a deep breath and simply started to walk away when she grabs my arm and starts talking like freaking HARLEY QUINN FROM THE BLOODY BATMAN GAMES AT ME!

I'm freaking out and yelling out for help whilst I've got this damn ogre going schitzo on my arm.

This website offers a whole host of studies, papers and scientific reasons that argue that we might be living in some sort of computer simulation a la The Matrix.