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Colin firth renee zellweger dating

What’s interesting about this incarnation of these characters is the relatability of their challenges at this stage in their lives.

“She felt so alive, and I think that there’s more nuance, more texture and more life to her than there’s ever been, and that’s saying something.” “We have a great time,” Zellweger says about working with Firth.

“We used the analogy of the band’s back together,” Zellweger confirms.

“It was a really fun reunion and an unusual experience as an actor to get to come back and revisit a role so many years on.” The thing that might make “Baby” the most satisfying in the trilogy has to do with that dozen-year gap in which, despite her central predicament, Bridget has actually grown up a little, finally.

Her father was a mechanical and electrical engineer while her mother was a nurse and midwife.