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Cody rhodes dating layla

During the season 2 finale of NXT on August 31, 2010, it was announced that Goldust will take part in NXT's third season as a Pro with Aksana as his Rookie.

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Anyways my favorite wrestler is Cody Rhodes and I was reading a thread regarding Cody's sexual orientation from a couple of years back. t=68111 Anyway I know most of you do not care, but for the sake of a discussion and curiosity, what are your views on this?

On December 2, 2010, Goldust announced over Twitter his first acting role in the horror movie The Fire Witch.

Also I asked Tommy Dreamer on Twitter and he replied by saying "I've never heard that one before, Cody has dated some of the hottest divas", also I managed to get a Twitter reply from Terri Runnels who is Dustin Rhodes' (Cody's brother) ex, she replied by saying "he's definitely straight!

" and then blocked me for "being rude" (wtf lol), I also asked Goldust (Cody's Brother) but he replied "your a bad egg, your blocked" and his Girlfriend also blocked me after I asked her, lol. And if you think he is Gay or Bi, do you have stories that support it or trustful source? Thanks and I look forward to your answers regarding this weird topic I would assume that he wants to know if Cody's gay so he knows if he's got a shot with him or not.

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