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Cincinnati fountain square and dating game

The central figure, the Genius of Water—a female in heroic size—pours down the symbolic longed-for rain from hundreds of jets pierced in her outstretched fingers. The pedestal itself is square with four representations in basso-relievo of four principal uses of water; namely, steam, water-power, navigation, and the fisheries.

The Tyler Davidson Fountain or The Genius of Water is a statue and fountain located in Cincinnati, Ohio.

It is regarded as the city's symbol and one of the area's most-visited attractions.

Many years before, artist August von Kreling had collaborated with Ferdinand von Miller at the Royal Bronze Foundry of Bavaria to design a fountain to rival the great fountains of Europe but which would glorify mankind rather than fanciful creatures and mythic deities.

When Miller could find no patron to sponsor the fountain, the designs languished until Probasco came to him with an interest in a similar theme.

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It was dedicated in 1871 and is the centerpiece of Fountain Square, a hardscape plaza at the corner of 5th and Vine Streets in the downtown area.

It is surrounded by stores, hotels, restaurants and offices.

Miller and Von Kreling enjoyed a degree of celebrity in the city.

The fountain originally faced east, toward Europe, where much of Cincinnati's population originated.

Originally, and for more than 130 years, it was located in the center of 5th Street (Fountain Square's original configuration), immediately west of Walnut Street.