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Part 1 of a 4 Year Webcomic Series BEFORE THE STORM, a Golden Sun doushinji. Description: “I am Arg” is a monday to friday journal/blog comic about me Andrew Gregoire.

Name: - Description: A twentysomething guy named Jay, his roommate, and their...wacky misadventures? Jay is too busy coping with post-college life for wacky misadventures. Last Published Comic: 134 Months 2 Weeks ago Description: The land of Kaya. I’m a Toronto based Animator, cartoonist, drummer, chiptuner and all around geek… Description: In world where demons and angels live among humans and a tyrannical world government controls the people through their faith and their fear, One boy is destined to fight them all.

Authorities arrested at least nine people suspected of driving while intoxicated in East Baton Rouge Parish and booked them into Parish Prison between noon Saturday and noon Sunday, booking records show.

Authorities arrested at least four people suspected of driving while intoxicated in East Baton Rouge Parish and booked them into parish prison between noon Friday and noon Saturday, booking records show.

Description: Demon Fist is the story of Rory Featherwind, a boy cursed with demons in his arm. Description: OTENBA Files is a comic of finding Love where extraordinary powers and talents flourish in an anarchistic world. New Vote Image up every Thursday OTENBA Files contains Yuri.

He's on a journey to find his best friend whom he thought was dead. Update: Monday - Friday Art: Pen Style: Minimalist Rated: PG-13 Topics: Adventure, Animals, Computers, Fantasy, Food, Life, Nature, Relationships, Tv, Real Life, Romance, Humor, Science Fiction, Parody/Satire, Gaming Last Published Comic: 101 Months 4 Weeks ago Description: A fantasy RPG story based from the underrated RPG game series Golden Sun.

The Church wants Rory because he is the key to learning how to successfully fuse a demon and a human.

What they need this power for is still a mystery, but that doesn’t mean they’ll be any less relentless in their search for the Demon Fist!

Rory Featherwind, Is a young man who through some rather unusual and very unfortunate circumstances is now endowed with an incredibly powerful demonic Left arm.

In the arm three and a half demons are now sealed giving Rory incredible strength and some peculiar new friends.

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