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Carbon 14 dating and religion

C, dendrochronology, and uranium-thorium (U-Th) dating techniques are indeed trustworthy, as are the experts and labs that perform these tests.

Regarding oxygen isotope measurements in corals, yes, this is temperature dependent, but it is also highly tied to circular arguments about climate change (Milankovitch Cycles), etc.

I also mention supposed agreement for bristlecone pine (BCP) tree rings in my article, but that depends on matching rings from living and dead trees (“prone wood”) that has been C dated to multiple thousands of years.

This is highly subjective and goes against common sense, in that the wood should have rotted or disintegrated in all that supposed time.

Thus, the fact of their agreement is not necessarily a compelling argument for the correctness of the result.

That being said, the Belfast data is a well-known example of a lengthy, (claimed) continuous tree ring chronology, from 5 – 2006, but this particular example (methodological assumptions aside) is obviously not a problem for the biblical time-scale.

C, uranium and thorium (from sea water, and or underlying rock).

CMI’s Robert Carter has a Ph D in marine biology and happens to be an expert in the ecology of corals.

He doubts that two different methods would produce the ‘same curve’ on a sample for the following reasons: C in the atmosphere is increasing over time.