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A prominent Indonesian businessman, there has been speculation that Uno was chosen for his ability to fund the presidential campaign rather than his political insight, given that he's a relative newcomer on the Indonesian political stage.

It seems that there is less at stake, or at least that's the perception.

"[He's made] little progress economically, the investment in infrastructure has been fraught with problems and yet to bear fruit, and he's shown himself to be deeply illiberal in many respects," Wilson said.

Baiq Wardhani, a lecturer in politics at Universitas Airlangga in Surabaya, told Al Jazeera that As a candidate, he had pledged to deal with historic abuses, including the anti-Communist purge of 1965; the 1998 riots in Jakarta; and the killings of Muslim protesters in 1989 - but has made little progress.

It's not a 'defining moment' election in the same way as 2014." "On Jokowi's side, the selection of Ma'ruf has dampened the enthusiasm.

This is a country where a huge billboard in Jakarta promoting the cigarette brand LA Lights reads, in really big letters, "Don't Quit." Even worse — if it can be worse — the "Do" and the "it" are highlighted in bolded red. And 225,000 Indonesians die every year from smoking.

Controversy is already swirling around the debate, which will be broadcast across local television networks at 7pm Jakarta time The candidates have been given the questions - focusing on law, human rights, terrorism and corruption - in advance amid concerns that the two men might escape having to address more controversial issues such as human rights abuses in Papua, in the far east of the Indonesian archipelago.

But while his "ordinary man" image inspired many Indonesians, some analysts say he has proved less impressive as a leader.

According to Murdoch University's Wilson, Indonesians seemed to have tired of politics.