Start Camp leatherneck dating

Camp leatherneck dating

You can only request to be stationed with someone if you are married.

All I'm saying is take your time - I was engaged before I went too and when I got through with bootcamp I didn't miss him like I thought I should and THAT was the end of THAT.

I started out with no distractions - nothing to weigh heavy on my mind and I had a BLAST for 4 years.

I really dislike talking to my recruiter abot these things so any help is great! But for right now I am remaining faithful and true. Allegedly about 5 years a back a DEPper was "getting with" her recruiter at our RSS (A returning Marine on his second enlistment who came to PT us on Libo told us about it), as I understand it that was a violation of UCMJ. There is a couple in my pool right now, and my recruiter said they would be fine if one went before the other.

OK, since I am in DEP is it against UCMJ for us to date after he gets back from boot??? It helps that he's reserves, and who knows what we'll do when I leave for boot camp.

We started dating when we were both poolees and he gets back on November 2nd, and I don't even ship until June. And I hang out with other Marines all the time, but they are the ones that I've been friends with since before I was in DEP.

I just joined in the DEP program in September of last year and though a lot of my questions on boot camp and such have been answered there is one topic that I seem to get a lot of mixed answers on and am curious about them still...

And is there a way to be stationed together, or does that only work if you're married? However I don't know that anyone has asked questions about dating a fellow poolee.