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Bernina dating vintage

By email, please My address is:-Helen Howes Helen Howes Sewing Machines Until mid-October 2019; 4, The Raveningham Centre, Beccles Road, Raveningham, Norfolk, NR14 6NU.

On most Singer machines the model number will be a 2-4 digit number, often followed by a letter, and located immediately above or below the stitch length lever or dial on the right front vertical part of the machine. Sometimes the number will be painted, or a decal, and on the older machines it may be on a tiny riveted plate.

If you cannot locate the serial number OR the model number, then e-mail a photo of your machine (just one please) and I can identify it for you.

I haven't written about my machine since, because it's been a smooth, drama-free relationship. I feel like I'm missing stuff here, so let me know if you have questions and I'll update the post!