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Are nastia and evan dating

As her parents were gymnasts, she was always hanging around in the gym, and they were the major inspiration to her.

Afterward, the gymnast became the key member of the U. senior team and announced that she was returning to gymnastics with the hope of making a second Olympic team in 2011.

Later, she attended New York University and graduated in 2016.

will air tonight an interview from last week that the couple weren’t together just days ago.

Nastia has said of their relationship: “To see his dreams come true was amazing.

He was a famous Norwegian shipping magnate reportedly worth multi-millions.

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The aspiring American gymnast is best known for winning the Gold medal for the United States in the 2008 all-around individual gymnastics competition.

Nastia Liukin began her gymnastics career at the age of three.

Here again are hot pictures of Nastia Liukin who is NOT dating Evan Lysacek.

Nastia Liukin pics got yet another turn today with two news organizations slamming PEOPLE Magazine’s report that Liukin is dating Evan Lysacek.

This is what i know about Alicia fox because i have her as a friend at myspace and she told me who she is dating if u don't believe me then don't she used to date jack swagger but she is not no more she told me that he was a jerk know she is dating Evan Bourne no Gail Kim and Evan Bourne are not dating Alicia fox and Evan Bourne are dating so…