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Aquarius woman dating aquarius woman

While we don’t mind a guy paying for dinner every once in a while, we do have trouble splitting a tab within a large group — especially if we only ordered a caesar salad and a diet coke and suddenly have to cover for someone else’s chardonnay.

So while we might seem flighty at times, we’re truly smart women with a muddled mental itinerary. Aquarians love to listen to other people’s problems and offer advice, but they often fear looking vulnerable in front of their own boyfriends.

While we have a lot of friends, we’re often the “mentor” in the group, especially since we’re able to relate to almost everyone.

An Aquarius woman is more than likely to surround herself with a broad spectrum of individuals showcasing an array of qualities. ’ Loving an Aquarius woman means that you have to be prepared to be bombarded by ideas!

When it’s time to get gifts, an Aquarius girl would totally love a thoughtful mixed CD over a tacky bracelet, unless the bracelet had something of personal meaning engraved.

You can’t doubt that when you have the likes of Oprah Winfrey, Virginia Woolf, and Germaine Geer among others to back that! In reality, there are only a chosen few who get too close to her.

She can be a little reserved when we speak of revealing true feelings and emotions.

Pinning down an Aquarius woman in love to some stereotype that you believe in, will force her to do what is not expected of her; that woman is a matchless non-conformist!