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Classpass) • We reserve the right to request for your ID for verification.

• Please arrive at least 15 minutes before the start of your class.

• If you do not sign in 3 minutes before class, your spot will be released to members who have been waitlisted but are present at the studio.

• Absolute does not allow the member to enter or use the Studio if such person has a symptom of pestilence or contagious/communicable disease.

• We reserve the right not to allow the staff or agents of the competitors’ companies to use our services and Studio and to deny entry for the above-mentioned regulations.

• Number of classes per person within a sharing package cannot be predetermined and will need to be managed by the customers themselves.

• Sharing the package after the date of purchase will incur a $20 admin fee. • We do not allow members to bring guests on their packages.

• Your booking will be considered a No Show and will not be refunded to you.

• All cancellations have to be made at least 6 hours before class for the credit to be refunded to you.

• The package which you already purchased cannot in whatsoever case be refunded neither in part or in full.

• All packages purchased cannot be changed to any other type of packages.

• Absolute reserves the right to change the class schedule, and timings.