Start 6 line dating skit

6 line dating skit

Performed to a narrated soundtrack, so there are no lines to learn, this 15 minute script takes only 4 people to perform... A hermit that lives in a junkyard is feeling down on Christmas Eve, praying for more to eat than what he has, a can of vienna sausages and crackers.

It can be done as a dramatic reading or acted out to the recording or live narration.

Synopsis: At a meeting of a technology company days before Christmas, three inventors present their inventions for the next year's "Ultimate Gift." In each of the three five-to-six-minute skit sequences, a way-out device is demonstrated that causes havoc on the group, with truly hysterical results!

A cleaning lady that is present shares with them what the ultimate gift really is, and how to receive it.

Use this script and soundtrack CD, which supplies all of the narration, background music and sound effects on the CD!