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They may also be less than 90 days behind in delivering the information requested by the institution.

Moreover, it is possible to classify a loan with a different rating than that of the debtor.

This is because institutions can grant loans on a sound and collectible basis because they have very good collateral or liquidity, or because they are structured under certain conditions that make recovery possible under the agreed conditions.

This type of structured operation is classified as 1C, independently of the debtor's rating.

If you’re looking to close your contractor limited company and you have cash reserves over £35,000, you could extract the profits whilst paying tax at a marginal rate of just 10%.

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If you meet the criteria below, you may want to consider making use of an MVL: Be warned though, MVLs are only to be used if you genuinely don’t intend to be trading via a limited company for a prolonged period of time.

They are not to be used as a tax avoidance measure.

Contractors typically use an MVL to close their companies for one of the following reasons: With many public sector clients seeking to engage contractors via umbrella companies in response to the IR35 reforms, you may no longer need your limited company.

If you are engaged in the public sector and looking to extract money from your limited company before HMRC comes calling, an MVL could prove the most swift and efficient solution.

This is the lowest rating for debtors with significant losses over the past three years, or who have bad rating in another institution.