Start 10 simple rules for dating my son

10 simple rules for dating my son

Hunter is reminiscent of those horny Marines that filmmaker Dirk Yates is so fond of.

Ridge keeps his stylish sunglasses on while he's getting blown, not that it matters much to Hunter.

He's got his mouth crammed so full of dick it's unlikely he can focus on much else.

Upstairs in Dad's bedroom, Bobby Williams gets better acquainted with Jason Crew (A Matter of Size 2).

Dad may have done something right after all - to Williams, it seems like a good match.

Slader almost seems to take Williams' piggy response as a challenge.

What's nice about Slader is that he gives as good as he gets.

Would that we all had concerned and loving parents like Clay Maverick.

When he happens upon his son, played by Bobby Williams having rough and aggressive sex with a stranger (Jacob Slader), he sets out to find a more suitable mate for his boy.

He assembles a small group of potential boyfriends together, putting them through a sort of interview process.

He even goes so far as to hire a couple of sex therapists (Rob Romoni and Troy Punk) to give a live demonstration for the candidates, hoping to illustrate appropriate sex technique.

He soon becomes an active participant, learning hands-on.